Blow for French president as Nicolas Hulot quits live on air

Blow for French president as Nicolas Hulot quits live on air

Blow for French president as Nicolas Hulot quits live on air

French President Emmanuel Macron has been dealt a blow after his environment minister resigned unexpectedly during a live radio interview.

A former TV presenter and green activist whose cabinet portfolio included energy, Hulot said on France Inter radio that he had not yet informed President Emmanuel Macron of his decision to resign. Mr Hulot, 62, has been described as the French equivalent of Sir David Attenborough.

Macron initially said he doesn't usually comment on French affairs while overseas, but later called the resignation a personal choice, adding that France would "continue its work" on combatting climate change.

"I wished he had stayed", said Griveaux, praising Hulot for his work. That approach has been tested after Trump shunned Macron and other allies, pulling out of a global climate pact, imposing extraterritorial sanctions on Iran, and imposing tariffs on European Union steel and aluminium. Hulot said Macron had his respect and friendship, but the decision to step down was up to him.

Macron said he envisions a "revision of the European architecture of defense and security" as a result of "renewed dialogue on cybersecurity, chemical weapons, conventional weaponry, territorial conflicts, space security, the protection of the polar zones - in particular with Russian Federation".

"I hope I will be able to count on his commitment in another form", Macron said on a trip to Copenhagen. He urged patience, saying: "It's a fight that isn't won from one day to the next".

For his part, Rasmussen said "we agree that the European Union should be as close to citizens as possible, and that citizens should be able to rely on the European Union to deliver solutions to problems when they are needed".

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"I will have the opportunity, in the coming days, to make proposals to the President of the Republic. regarding the composition of the government", he told reporters ahead of his speech at the Ambassadors' conference in Paris.

"The planet is becoming a sauna, our natural resources are running out, biodiversity is melting like snow in the sun, and it still isn't being handled like a priority issue", he lamented on Tuesday.

Hulot damned Macron's government with faint praise as he sprang his resignation surprise. Europe is not doing enough.

Mr Hulot said that he had not told Mr Macron or Prime Minister Edouard Philippe of his decision, because he believed they would try to talk him out of it. "Who massacred his own people?" he said, adding that it was France's "duty" to make sure "Syrians are in a position to choose" their future leader.

Hulot said he'd been mulling his resignation for several months, but one of the last straws was a meeting Monday with Macron about hunting.

Macron's critics seized on Hulot's departure to take swipes at the president, whose popularity ratings have slid in recent months.

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