Andrew Gillum celebrates "incredible feat" of clinching Democratic nomination for Florida governor

Andrew Gillum celebrates

Andrew Gillum celebrates "incredible feat" of clinching Democratic nomination for Florida governor

Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis has been denounced by the Democrats and the media as racist, for saying voters shouldn't "monkey this up" by voting for his socialist opponent, who happens to be black.

The president said he had not yet heard Mr DeSantis's remarks but did congratulate the Republican candidate's party nomination victory on Twitter.

"We're going to keep fighting for the next seventy days to make sure we win this seat for Arizona, and for the country, because there is so much at stake", said McSally.

"Ron DeSantis was obviously talking about Florida not making the wrong decision to embrace the socialist policies that Andrew Gillum espouses", spokesman Stephen Lawson said in a statement.

He said socialism is "not good for any race, color or creed", and that he won't let Democrats and critics "obscure a debate" on the issues with claims of racism. Has my total and complete Endorsement!

McSally's Democratic opponent is fellow U.S. Rep. Krysten Sinema.

The Democratic candidate, Andrew Gillum, could become the first African-American to lead the state. Both candidates believe that the election will ultimately be about the mobilization of core Democratic constituencies - minorities, women, and working-class whites who feel economically left behind, despite President Trump's election.

Tallahassee has had one of the Florida's highest crime rates in recent years though it has been going down.

On the Republican side, a Representative is running for governor and the governor is running for Senate. She's represented a southern Arizona district covering parts of Tucson and rural Cochise County since 2015.

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A replacement for the other senator from Arizona, the late John McCain, is to be named in the next few days by the southwestern state's Republican governor and will be up for election in 2020.

Marquez Peterson is the CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber.

"This is the best voter turnout for Democrats of any August primary ever".

Less than 12 hours after Andrew Gillum's primary win, Ron DeSantis referred to him as "articulate" and said Florida shouldn't "monkey up" the state.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, Martha McSally, a former Air Force pilot and GOP establishment favorite, beat out more conservative Republicans in the race to replace retiring Sen.

Kyrsten Sinema defeated Deedra Abboud to clench the Democratic primary.

GOP voters in Oklahoma backed mortgage company owner Kevin Stitt in a gubernatorial runoff.

On immigration, DeSantis has shown unfettered support for Trump's border wall and for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which are absurd financial drains on taxpayers that do not appear to make anyone safer by any statistical measure.

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