Trump to relax carbon limits on power plants to support United States coal

Trump to relax carbon limits on power plants to support United States coal

Trump to relax carbon limits on power plants to support United States coal

The EPA proposes to replace the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan, which never went into effect, with new rules that allows states to set their own rules for regulating power-plant emissions within broad "guidelines".

The clean power plan set the first national U.S. pollution limits on coal plants but has never come into force, after a coalition of states challenged it in court.

The EPA said the new rule would allow states to develop plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal-fired plants.

Obama's energy plan aimed to usher in the strictest anti-pollution measures in history on power plants, but was put on hold in 2016 by the US Supreme Court.

He said he believes the new rules by the Trump administration is a win for states because they will have the opportunity to regulate the industry within their own state.

Bohrer estimated that "at least half" of North Dakota's power plants would have shut down under the Clean Power Plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 45 percent.

Tuesday's EPA announcement opens a 60 day public-comment period before finalization. Regardless, Pete Ternes with D-T-E Energy says his company plans to close all of its coal plants by 2040 and is sticking with its plans to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions significantly. In addition, the plan was created to bring big gains in energy efficiency, and introduce the economic, environmental, health and job benefits of having a vibrant, energy-efficient economy based more on renewable energy.

Trump has already vowed to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement as he pushes to revive the coal industry.

Acting EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler told reporters, "Today we are fulfilling the president's agenda". A dozen other states now follow California's standard and a number of state attorneys general have threatened to take the EPA to court over the rule.

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"He asked me to keep cleaning up the air, keep cleaning up the water and continue to deregulate to provide more jobs for the American public", he said.

"I think the challenge that we're facing with climate change is enormous and it is requiring us to rethink how we get our electricity and how we use energy", said Christy Goldfuss, senior vice president for energy and environment policy at the Center for American Progress.

That means Kansas regulators could clear the way for more coal, but economic trends have already driven a shift to natural gas and wind power. "The Obama top-down mandate from Washington wasn't legal and wouldn't work".

President Trump has made good on a campaign promise to help the coal industry.

Bob Herbert of Dover said he worries the Trump Administration's proposal could worsen air quality in Delaware. The US is not on track to emission reduction targets set during the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement (nor are other major industrialized countries).

"EPA takes its Clean Air Act responsibilities seriously and is committed to providing certainty to state and industry partners".

The proposal outlines four actions that will be undertaken to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

Trump has vowed to end what Republicans call a "war on coal" waged by Obama.

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