White House admits error for false claim on black employment

White House admits error for false claim on black employment

White House admits error for false claim on black employment

"I just find it hard to understand why you would ever say the president of the United States used the n-word in a "blow off" sort of a manner", said Burnett.

Manigault Newman believes that Kelly's firing shows a breach in ethics since he was caught on tape alluding to the fact that her reputation would be damaged if she didn't go away quietly.

And now Trump's campaign is taking legal action.

President Donald Trump took his own counsel when he attacked Omarosa Maginault Newman as a "dog" - but he ignored a warning from his wife to ignore his former reality TV costar.

Trump likely also was tuned in to MSNBC when his pal Donny Deutsch called him "so fragile" and relayed an "interesting anecdote" told to him by someone at Trump's Bedminster Country Club recently. Manigault-Newman's claims about the president's alleged unstable mental condition and covert taping of her firing has sent the commander-in-chief into a tweeting rage.

In her book, she casts herself as a strong black woman who overcame humble beginnings and has often navigated hostile work environments with aplomb.

Of course, it's still not clear why she would say Trump said the word if it were not real.

Donald Trump himself has unambiguously denied the existence of any such recording, and says Mark Burnett, who produced The Apprentice, called him yesterday to reassure him.

First Lady Melania Trump has reportedly had enough of her husband's erratic behavior.

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Omarosa Manigault-Newman has sparked controversy with such bold claims in her new book 'Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House. Sanders, like others in President Trump's orbit, including Kellyanne Conway, wanted no part of ruling out the president having used such a racial slur, just in case there is actually a tape.

Mrs Newman has said in interviews that she never signed an agreement when she began working in the White House but it's unclear if she did when she joined the Trump campaign.

"You're releasing all the singles, when we're waiting for the album", he said, asking whether Manigault-Newman's staggered approach to contradicting the White House's denials with recorded proof was a long-term strategy. Trump is quoted as saying. "And the transcripts prove it", she said.

Manigault Newman also writes in her book that DeVos is "woefully inadequate and not equipped for her job". The person insisted on anonymity to discuss the investigation.

Despite his love for his daughter, Trump "wasn't always such a fan of Jared [Kushner]", Manigault Newman wrote.

Omarosa said she would "leave that to lawyers to sort out" when asked about the Trump campaign filing arbitration against her earlier in the day, adding "it's interesting he's trying to silence me".

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on Wednesday questioned the validity and enforceability of any nondisclosure agreements for White House employees.

Whack reported from Philadelphia.

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