Things We Saw Today: Twitter Puts Alex Jones In a Time-Out

Things We Saw Today: Twitter Puts Alex Jones In a Time-Out

Things We Saw Today: Twitter Puts Alex Jones In a Time-Out

Dorsey said he resisted banning Jones, the embattled conspiracy theorist and radio host, despite calls to do so, some of which came from inside Twitter.

Late Tuesday, Twitter said it had "limited" Jones' personal account for seven days because he had violated the company's rules.

Apple, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube's decision to ban right-wing shock jock Alex Jones and his media site, Infowars, from their platforms in early August has reignited a debate about what, if any, obligations these companies have to provide access to ideologically diverse users in the name of free speech.

In its statement, Twitter mentioned a Periscope video Jones posted calling for targeted harassment and inciting viewers to intimidate people.

The move by the last remaining high-profile social network from which Jones has yet to be permanently banned, comes after a tumultuous period in which Twitter's chief executive Jack Dorsey has had to repeatedly defend the company's position.

"We know that's hard for many but the reason is simple: he hasn't violated our rules", Dorsey said last week.

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Jones has been criticised for conspiracy theories including falsely claiming that the 2012 mass killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School was staged.

Twitter didn't respond to requests for further comment or make Dorsey available for an interview.

Twitter reportedly asked Jones to take the video down.

Twitter told Jones to delete at least one of the offending posts, all of which later disappeared from the accounts.

Dorsey wouldn't discuss on the record his talks with Republican lawmakers or his response to calls for him to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, but he said that the latest effort is meant to promote transparency about his company and to get across that conservatives have a place on his platform.

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