Doom Eternal Gameplay Footage to be Revealed Today at QuakeCon

Doom Eternal Gameplay Footage to be Revealed Today at QuakeCon

Doom Eternal Gameplay Footage to be Revealed Today at QuakeCon

Offering the traditional hype of making a sequel that is bigger and more badarse than the game it follows, today the makers of the forthcoming Doom Eternal showed the game in action to the public for the first time. "Killing badass demons with big guns in unbelievable places", was the big lead in for the trailer. To that end, the reel certainly doesn't disappoint. The demo saw Doom Slayer, in his new suit of armor, rampaging through a demon infested Earth in classic Doom fashion. Doom Slayer also has a built-in melee blade to rip and tear unholy flesh, as well as a insane shoulder-mounted flamethrower-cannon for extra insanity.

It was busy day for DOOM fans, who will undoubtedly be very happy with the game's first substantial info and media dump, but who will also be bummed that they have to wait all the way until 2019 (most likely) to step into the demon stomping boots of the DOOM slayer. You'll also get a new dash skill to help navigate the underworld. "We're spending more time and energy than ever before making sure it feels absolutely awesome every time you shoot, punch, kick, slash or otherwise rip and tear one of the demons", Stratton said. And they offered a surprise: Demon's Souls-style player invasions. DOOM Eternal will be launching on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch - there's no official release date yet, but we'll let you know when one is announced. Id hasn't said whether Doom Eternal will have a traditional multiplayer mode like Doom 2016 did, but honestly, this sounds a lot better.

Although Hines claims the sale is "everywhere", Bethesda games like "Doom" and "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus" are now still listed at full retail price on the Nintendo eShop.

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The footage also introduces enemies, both old and new.

Games Inbox: Are you still playing Fortnite? It's unclear exactly how much of a role they'll play in the final game but perhaps we'll get to make sure they get their well-deserved ass-whooping.

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