Next Year's Oscars Will Feature "Popular" Movies And Will Be Much Shorter

Next Year's Oscars Will Feature

Next Year's Oscars Will Feature "Popular" Movies And Will Be Much Shorter

The changes are among the most drastic made to the program in recent years. The Board of Governors took this charge seriously.

To honor all 24 award categories, we will present select categories live, in the Dolby Theatre, during commercial breaks (categories to be determined).

The Oscars are adding a new category to honor popular films and promising a brisk 3-hour ceremony on a much earlier air date of February 9, 2020. They also announced that the 2020 Oscars will be held much earlier, on February 9, 2020, which means a shorter voting window.

The nominations for next year's ceremony will be announced on January 22. "The Last Fall" director Matthew A. Cherry agreed "Black Panther" is a shoe-in, while adding that he'd like to see the Academy add a best stunt race, too.

In a message to its members the Academy said eligibility requirements for the new category and other key details would be "forthcoming".

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The 91st Academy Awards ceremony will air February 24, 2019. As THR notes, this is probably an attempt to make the Oscars seem more relevant, instead of taking place right at the end of the months-long awards circuit. If those films had been diverted into a category for "popular" movies it might have hurt them more than helped them, creating a perception among academy members that they're not truly among the best films, they're just the best of the films that reached the widest audience.

We are excited about these steps, and look forward to sharing more details with you.

Criticised in the past for ignoring blockbusters and genre films, the move will hopefully mean a more balanced view of the American film industry - although the Best Picture nominations are unlikely to change. (They don't specify which categories will be shunted to slots that won't be broadcast live, but if you're, say, a Hollywood sound editor or production designer, it might be best to start mentally preparing and managing your family's expectations now.) The Academy stresses that it will tape and edit those acceptance speeches on the fly, and insert them into the broadcast at some point.

Popular film? What is this?

In order to fit all the awards into the new 3-hour timeslot, certain awards will be presented during commercial breaks. Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film?

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