Zimbabwe: Expect Results From 3.pm - ZEC

Zimbabwe: Expect Results From 3.pm - ZEC

Zimbabwe: Expect Results From 3.pm - ZEC

Chamisa's party also said results have not been posted outside 21 percent of the country's almost 11,000 polling stations, raising concerns about possible vote-rigging.

Winning resoundingly... We now have results from the majority of the over 10 000 polling stations. "We've done exceedingly well", he tweeted.

We give you updates of what is happening around the country as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission collates results and posts them to the central command centre in Harare.

Mugabe, forced out under military pressure, had declared he would not vote for the ruling party he long controlled and called Chamisa the only viable candidate.

A total of 23 candidates across 55 parties are running for the presidency.

More than 5.5 million people were registered to vote in an election featuring a record number of more than 20 presidential candidates and almost 130 political parties vying for parliamentary seats.

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Mugabwe, who led the country from its 1980 independence, was ousted in November after being blamed for ordering violence against his own citizens, squashing free speech and rigging elections.

In Harare 75% of the votes have been finalised while in Manicaland 56%, has been completed.

The contenders in Zimbabwe's vote must accept the results and "should look at the larger picture of success - a successful election for Zimbabwe", he said.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights warned of intimidation and threats of violence in the run-up to polling day, but said it was encouraged to see open rallies and peaceful demonstrations.

The ZEC boss said the announcement will be of what has come in and not of the election outcome. "Waiting patiently for official results as per the constitution", Mnangagwa, 75, Mugabe's former right-hand man, said on Twitter. "He is young and can understand our plight as youth", said Ndumiso Nyoni, 20, a worker at a lodge in Lupane, southern Zimbabwe.

'I think the best thing is they got to announce the results as early as possible so that everyone will be settled, ' said 65-year-old voter Chaka Nyuka in the capital, Harare. They need a good change.

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