'Blood moon' dazzles skygazers across the world in century's longest lunar eclipse

'Blood moon' dazzles skygazers across the world in century's longest lunar eclipse

'Blood moon' dazzles skygazers across the world in century's longest lunar eclipse

During the phenomenon, the moon appears red as it is illuminated by sunlight filtered through the Earth's atmosphere, hence the term "blood moon". The total eclipse will last 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds.

The eclipse will be visible from most of Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Africa and South America.

The American space agency NASA says the moon will move into the Earth's shadow on Friday night.

The rising full moon will also change from shining silver to deep blood-red during the eclipse.

"During a very dark eclipse the moon may be nearly invisible". The moon passed in front of the sun, casting a 70-mile-wide shadow.

Dr Emily Brunsden, director of the University of York's Astrocampus, added that this eclipse was a "micro blood moon".

Millions of Americans watched the first solar eclipse visible from the US since 1979 last August.

The lunar eclipse 2018 will happen tonight, marking the longest total such eclipse till 2123, i.e. for over 100 years.

When a lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) occurs, the Earth comes between the sun and moon, preventing light from falling on the moon. However, this eclipse will last for a very long time: one hour and 43 minutes. Generally, there are three lunar eclipses occurring in any given location per year, though some years there can be none.

Nigeria to experience longest total lunar eclipse Friday – Scientist

While other colours in the spectrum are blocked and scattered by the Earth's atmosphere, red light tends to make it through easier.

It was also a supermoon - meaning the Earth's natural satellite appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter in the sky as it reached its closest point to our planet.

Unlike a solar eclipse, which can be viewed only from a certain relatively small area of the world, a lunar eclipse may be viewed from anywhere on the night side of Earth.

A skygazer in Sydney watches the blood moon.

Nigeria will on Friday night experience a spectacular total lunar eclipse, which will last for one hour, a professor, Augustine Ubachukwu, has said.

"In the middle of a lunar eclipse it can look as if a red planet has taken up residence near the Earth - they are both eerie and lovely", Robert Massey of the RAS said.

The July 27/28, 2018 total lunar eclipse is part of the Saros series 129, same as the July 16, 2000, total lunar eclipse - the longest eclipse of the 20th century.

"Mars will look like this attractive bright red star just below the Moon", said Prof O'Brien.

Skywatchers in New South Wales and Queensland lost sight of the moon near the end of the eclipse but the rest of the country was treated to the entire eclipse.

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