Trump and Pompeo Troll Iran

Trump and Pompeo Troll Iran

Trump and Pompeo Troll Iran

"COLOR US UNIMPRESSED", Zarif wrote in English, mimicking Trump's caps-lock message.

Ambassador John Bolton says he's spoken with Trump over the last several days and, "President Trump told me that if Iran does anything at all to the negative, they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid before".

"We've been around for millennia & seen fall of empires, [including] our own, which lasted more than the life of some countries".

The United States had harsh words for Iran, first in a speech by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, followed by a late-night tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump, who in no uncertain terms made it clear to Tehran that it should not threaten America - now or in the future.

Rouhani told his cabinet there were "baseless comments and empty threats" by "some USA leaders". "The Americans", Rouhani said, "need to realize that making peace with Iran is the mother of all peaces, and waging war against Iran is the mother of all wars".

He said, his administration stands ready for Iran to come back to the negotiating table, adding that the United States is ready to make a deal, not like the one done by the previous Obama administration.

That in turn prompted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday to urge the US president himself to "be cautious".

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Most Republicans have stayed silent on Iran following Trump's all-caps tweet warning the terrorist nation against threatening the USA again, but Graham came out in support of Trump for taking a tough stance. "This will take you nowhere", he said. They apparently have struck an informal deal under which, if Putin fails to keep the Iranians in check, Russian Federation will not object to Israeli strikes against Iranian military infrastructure in Syria.

Asked on Monday whether he had concerns about provoking Iran, Mr. Trump said, "None at all".

"The level of corruption and wealth among regime leaders shows that Iran is run by something that resembles the mafia more than a government", Pompeo said during an appearance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.

Syed Tahir Hussain Mashhadi said that European Union has behaved extremely well as far as the nuclear deal is concerned and they have stood by Iran and the agreement; they have said no to the United States.

"Europe isn't immune to Iran-backed terrorism". Based on anonymous sources the outlet found that, "The Trump administration has launched an offensive of speeches and online communications meant to foment unrest and help pressure Iran to end its nuclear program and its support of militant groups".

He tempered this on Tuesday, saying "we're ready to make a real deal" with Iran.

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