Montenegro govt says remains United States strong ally despite Trump comments

Montenegro govt says remains United States strong ally despite Trump comments

Montenegro govt says remains United States strong ally despite Trump comments

Trump continued, "They're very strong people".

"We build friendships, and we have not lost single one, and at the same time we are able to boldly and defensively protect and defend our own national interests", the Montenegrin government's statement says.

For now, Montenegro is focused on promoting tourism, not toppling other nations.

The latest example came Monday when Tucker Carlson asked President Trump this question on Fox News after Trump's summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Montenegro has "very aggressive people", Trump said.

"They are very strong people".

NATO's youngest member claimed it had a "history and tradition and peaceful politics" and pledged permanent friendship to the USA, after President Donald Trump called Montenegro's people "aggressive" and capable of starting WWIII.

Trump's comments prompted swift backlash from inside and outside of Montenegro. Trump should take up Warsaw on this offer. "I've asked the same question", the USA president replied. The idea that the alliance shouldn't continue to bring in new members isn't given a real hearing in Washington or any other allied capital, and so the USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation keep adding new allies they don't need to guard against a threat that is also wildly exaggerated.

Trump's views have some basis in history. Montenegro have been fighting for freedom for centuries. "Get ready, Russia, because (American missiles) will be coming, nice and new and smart!" he tweeted over a transient crisis in Syria three months ago. -West stakes for influence all the higher - and Russian Federation trying to exert control in the Balkans - Montenegro was ground zero at the moment.

Trump went on to say that Montenegro, a small Balkan country on the Adriatic Sea, could somehow be the instigator of conflict, as opposed to, say, a country like Russian Federation.

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LePage says in a U.S. Embassy video that the Balkans have a hard history but "everybody likes Montenegro".

"Montenegrins are not aggressive. but the nation of fearless warriors", he said. Donnelly says the substance of the meeting has a direct bearing on American troops in Afghanistan and other hotspots. LePage says it originally focused on disaster relief, emergency management and border security.

However, Trump was so fixated during the press conference on domestic U.S. politics and his own personal obsession with his election win that there was no mention either of Putin's points or of any of the more significant security issues that could have been on the table.

On Thursday, Montenegro's government responded. Their defense spending kept at 1.45% in 2017, which is below 2% of NATO's standard.

"It's an open invitation to Putin and the United States must act to reassure this ally and our other allies that we really mean it with Article 5", Clark said. The total defense spending in those countries was up 4.8% to 300 billion Dollars in 2017, and it is 14 billion USD more than a year ago. Russian Federation has denied the allegation.

Former parliament speaker Krivokapic described Trump's remark as "very odd".

"I don't think there is a purge going on", he said.

Carlson: "And I'm not against Montenegro".

The reaction of Miljan Kovacevic, 34, a lawyer in Montenegro, was more akin to his prime minister's post-shove aplomb.

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