Israel confirms it evacuated 800 White Helmet rescue workers from Syria

Israel confirms it evacuated 800 White Helmet rescue workers from Syria

Israel confirms it evacuated 800 White Helmet rescue workers from Syria

The US initiated the move to evacuated them from southwestern Syria, ahead of the invading Syrian and Russian forces.

Jordan "authorized the United Nations to organize the passage of 800 Syrian citizens through Jordan to be resettled in western countries", the kingdom said.

The transferred Syrians will remain in a restricted area in Jordan for the time being, Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Mohammad al-Kayed told the Jordanian state-run Petra news agency, before onward transfer to Britain, Germany and Canada within the next three months.

Officially known as the Syria Civil Defense, the White Helmets, so called for their signature hard hats, have been lauded in the West for their work digging people out of the rubble after government airstrikes.

Members of the "White Helmets" civil defence group were among those removed from the country.

The military said its actions did not reflect a change to Israel's non-intervention policy in Syria's war, where all the warring parties are considered hostile.

Canadian officials told public broadcaster CBC that they "agreed" to accept 50 White Helmets volunteers and their families, which could mean up to 250 people.

The White Helmets volunteers had been stranded along the frontier with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

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He said the prospect of regime retaliation has forced the group's members to retreat to safer areas or flee.

Hundreds of White Helmets volunteers have been rescued from Syria in a British-brokered moonlight evacuation through Israel and Jordan.

More than 400 rescue workers and family members from Syria's southern provinces of Daraa and Quneitra were ferried into Israel on Sunday, then taken into Jordan for resettlement into Western countries.

Hundreds of rebels and their families evacuated from southern Syria after a deal was struck with the regime arrived Saturday in the country's northwest, an AFP correspondent said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said that the strike targeted a "workshop supervised by Iranians where surface-to-surface missiles are made". Moreover, now that Israel has helped the evacuation, they face a new charge of being "collaborators with Israel". They first seized the border with Jordan, squeezing the opposition in the center and progressively chipping away at areas the rebels held for years.

The announcement marked the first such Israeli intervention in Syria's civil war, now in its eight year.

Refugees, meanwhile, who've been trapped by the fighting have set up camps near the Israeli-controlled Golan. Damascus claims the White Helmets is linked with Jabhat al-Nusra (a terrorist organization outlawed in Russia) and is acting in its interests.

The English paper omitted that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have delivered large amounts of humanitarian aid to the refugees and are transferring wounded Syrians to Israeli hospitals.

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