Nord Stream-2 Gas Pipeline will be bad for Germany and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Nord Stream-2 Gas Pipeline will be bad for Germany and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Nord Stream-2 Gas Pipeline will be bad for Germany and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

"When it comes to Nord Stream, Canada has significant concerns about the project", she said.

US President Donald Trump accused Germany on Wednesday of being a "captive" of Russian Federation due to its energy reliance and its support for the plan to double capacity of the Nord Stream pipeline under the Baltic Sea to Germany, bypassing traditional routes through Ukraine.

Arriving in Brussels for a two-day alliance summit, the U.S. president said it was "totally inappropriate" that Germany was paying billions of dollars to Russian Federation for oil and gas while spending little over 1 per cent of its GDP on defence.

"Let's not forget that Nord Stream 2 is an worldwide project, not simply Russian-German".

Where is it: Berlin and Moscow agreed on the 1,200 kilometer (746-mile) route, which would connect the Ust-Luga area near Saint Petersburg with Greifswald in northeast Germany. Gazprom is also covering half of the cost.

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Answering the question about the consequences for the European companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 project, possible US sanctions, the EC vice-president said he shares the opinion expressed by Perry that allies should not punish each other's enterprises. In June 2014, amid the fallout over the Russian annexation of Crimea months earlier, Russia cut off Ukraine's gas supplies for weeks in what Kiev said was an attempt to blackmail Ukraine.

"Nord Stream I and II are purely commercial projects that correspond to the interests of suppliers of natural gas and the buyers of natural gas in Western Europe", he said. In April 2018, the EU Commission refused to back the project, saying it did not contribute to the EU goals of diversifying the gas supplies. They got rid of their coal plants, they got rid of their nuclear, they're getting so much of their oil and gas from Russian Federation.

As Europe's own supplies are running out, the United States is hoping to gain access to a profitable market with growing demand.

"As for Germany's dependence (on Russia) as a major gas buyer we can not agree with this premise", Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call when asked about Trump's comments. More seriously, Nord Stream 2 will increase Russia's power to threaten other nations with its control over their gas. Dmitry Peskov said the United States objections to the new pipeline deal between Russian Federation and Germany are unfair. However, the USA gas is more expensive than that supplied through Russian pipelines.

"Regular maintenance is necessary to operate the Nord Stream twin pipeline safely, efficiently and reliably".

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