Violence flares as Israel strikes Gaza and Hamas fires rockets

Violence flares as Israel strikes Gaza and Hamas fires rockets

Violence flares as Israel strikes Gaza and Hamas fires rockets

Even as the airstrikes were being carried out, the military said rockets began being fired toward Israel.

Israel has targeted the Gaza Strip with a series of strikes. Three Israelis were injured by a rocket which landed in Sderot.

An Israeli military spokesperson declined to comment, but said its actions would depend on what happens on the ground.

The protest organisers say the demonstrations aim to press demands such as for a right to lands lost to Israel in the 1948 war of its foundation and for an Israeli-Egyptian blockade to ease. Gen. Ronen Manelis, the operation had three aims: To end the incendiary kites and balloons from Gaza, end the large-scale border protests, and end the rocket and mortar fire.

In an interview with the Ynet news portal, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz insisted that it was Israel's "strong response" to the rocket fire over the weekend that compelled Hamas to seek a ceasefire.

Israel's army said Saturday's strikes targeted military facilities belonging to Hamas.

"What Hamas is doing is pushing them ever closer to the edge of the abyss ..." "I hope that Hamas will draw conclusions and if not, they will have to pay a heavy price". The four-story building is adjacent to a public park.

It marked the first casualties of the day.

According to the Israeli army "The focus of the attack is a wide-scale strike of the Hamas Battalion HQ in Beit Lahia, which includes urban warfare training facilities, weapon storage warehouse, training compounds, command centers, offices and more". The military said Hamas was using it as a training facility and had dug a tunnel underneath as part of its underground network.

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Fifteen people have been wounded across Gaza, the ministry said. A police spokesman said no hits had been identified in the city.

With Israel focused on efforts to prevent Iran from establishing a permanent military foothold in neighboring Syria, it has been wary of escalating violence in Gaza.

According to the military, Palestinians fired more than 190 mortar shells and rockets at southern Israel on Saturday. As a precaution, the military shut down a popular beach in southern Israel and placed limitations on gatherings of large crowds. Netanyahu has also come under pressure from southern Israeli communities under rocket fire from Gaza.

"From the unity of blood and unity of objective, we declare Friday the day of solidarity with our people in the Khan al-Ahmar", the committee said in a statement. "We are not prepared to accept any attacks against us, and we will respond appropriately".

The Gaza Health Ministry said the 15-year-old boy killed was shot in the chest.

On Friday, Israeli troops shot and killed two Palestinians, including a teenager, and wounded hundreds of others in border clashes.

Tensions have been building between Hamas and Israel for months over mass protests and clashes along the border fence.

Israelis want the threat eliminated completely, and see the ceasefire agreed to by the government on Saturday evening as a bandaid on a festering wound.

Rocket warning sirens went off in the coastal city of Ashkelon, about 12 kilometres from the enclave, further north than in recent rocket attacks.

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