Michael Cohen hires Clinton pal as his lawyer amid legal troubles

Michael Cohen hires Clinton pal as his lawyer amid legal troubles

Michael Cohen hires Clinton pal as his lawyer amid legal troubles

When Trump urges Baron Cohen to "go to school, learn about being amusing", messages on the screen warn that "Sacha graduates soon".

President Trump's former personal lawyer Michael Cohen has hired Lanny Davis, a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, to help represent him in his ongoing legal troubles.

Baron Cohen also baited Trump by wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap and brandishing a hand gun at the film's premiere in the US.

Trump was one of the unwitting targets of "Da Ali G" show in a 2003 episode in which Baron Cohen's character tried to pitch him on a product called ice cream gloves. Cohen's character will more than likely have exaggerated viewpoints that reflect the comments of Donald Trump, or jab at the fraud-related issues that Trump University has faced in recent years.

Of the celebrities that have verbally opposed Donald Trump as President, Sacha Baron Cohen is arguably among the loudest.

The trailer shows footage of Trump clamoring Cohen and calling for the trickster to "be fired immediately", and urges him to, "go to school, learn about being amusing!" "Learn about being amusing". The clip fades to a logo of Trump University as the text "Sacha Graduates Soon" appears on screen.

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He tweeted in 2012: 'I never fall for scams.

"Is that a long time for an Ali G interview?"

Hopefully this tease by Sacha Baron Cohen's Twitter is more than just a joke and will actually be made into a full movie, as people are predicting.

Cohen also gave Trump (and Daniel Radcliffe) AIDS in an admittedly pretty low-brow gag in the movie The Brothers Grimsby, with Sony, the movie's producers insisting on a disclaimer at the end of the film.

But in a 2016 interview, Cohen told James Corden on the "Late Late Show" that Mr. Trump did not immediately leave the interview.

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