Trump a factor in SC races as 5 states hold primaries

Trump a factor in SC races as 5 states hold primaries

Trump a factor in SC races as 5 states hold primaries

Sanford, a member of the hard right House Freedom Caucus, has always been one of the few congressional Republicans willing to openly break with Trump.

Joe Cunningham has won the Democratic nomination in South Carolina's coastal 1st Congressional District.

Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp will face the state's single House member, GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer, in the fall.

But two sources familiar with the situation said Trump was indeed referring to his "internal team" when he blamed nameless "representatives" for trying to keep him from going after Sanford.

"Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual, has received to many shots to the head by real boxers in movies", Trump tweeted - presumably a delayed response to DeNiro's Sunday night speech at the Tony Awards.

"And so, I think it's important for all of us to stop and say, wait a minute, we have an institution set up by the Founding Fathers, where vigorous dissent, disagreement was part of what they set up".

Sanford is the second incumbent House Republican to lose a primary this year - and the latest victim of intense divisions among the GOP in the Trump era.

In South Carolina, former governor Mark Sanford, who rehabilitated his image after a freakish scandal some years to get elected to Congress, was a surprise loser in his primary after President Trump came out against him.

No telling how Trump finally got word that Sanford was facing some stiff primary opposition today with 168 minutes before the polls close, but Trump's endorsement could definitely have come at a better time.

It took just six minutes after Air Force One touched down at Andrews, after a 23.5-hour journey back to Washington from his summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, for Trump to dance on Sanford's political grave.

Over the past several weeks, Sanford has launched an 11th-hour TV advertising blitz going directly after Arrington, a sure indication that he's under duress.

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According to the New York Times, lawmakers in North Carolina considered impeaching Sanford when he served as the state's governor over his scandals, primarily the aforementioned sex scandal.

"I fully endorse Katie Arrington for Congress in SC, a state I love", Trump continued.

Katie Arrington, a staunch supporter of President Trump, has won South Carolina's Republican primaries in a historic defeat against the incumbent, and frequent Trump critic, Mark Sanford.

SHAPIRO: Last night, Republican Congressman Mark Sanford lost his primary. The liberal environmental lawyer cleared his own primary hurdle on Tuesday, and is hoping a "blue wave" this November will carry him to victory and flip this seat back to the Democrats after almost four decades of "Republican" control.

"He is MIA and nothing but trouble", Trump said.

Arrington narrowly defeated Sanford after Trump tweeted on election day that Sanford had been unhelpful, adding, "He is better off in Argentina".

Felkel said there were so many candidates in the GOP race for the 4th District that Bright, who has a core group of supporters, exploited the numbers in much the same way Trump did when he ran for president in a crowded GOP field. He concluded his term as Governor in 2011, and regained political power in a special election to congress in 2013 before losing this most recent contest.

In Maine, voters spent Tuesday ranking their candidates in a new voting system called Instant Runoff Voting.

Democrats, with just 16 of the nation's governorships, view the seat as one of their top pickup opportunities. In races where candidates don't secure 50 percent of votes case, runoff elections of the top two vote-getters will be held June 26.

In South Carolina, Archie Parnell won the Democratic primary in the 5th District despite admitting to domestic abuse in the 1970s.

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