Gunfire reported at Tumwater Walmart; law enforcement on the scene

Gunfire reported at Tumwater Walmart; law enforcement on the scene

Gunfire reported at Tumwater Walmart; law enforcement on the scene

The incident, which culminated in a auto park at a Walmart in the city of Tumwater, began unfolding at around 5pm local time, when police responded to a call about an alleged drunk driver.

Injured in the suspect's violent spree were the driver of one of the cars he attempted to highjack, and a 16-year-old girl at another location who suffered unspecified injuries, the Seattle Times reported. On Sunday, a gunman shot a man outside a Walmart in Washington State and wounded a teenager during a carjacking before being fatally shot to death by a bystander.

Police said they received several calls on Sunday reporting a man who allegedly opened fire inside a Walmart in Tumwater, Washington, and attempted to carjack a vehicle in the parking lot there, according to Seattle ABC affiliate KOMO. That gunman was killed by an armed civilian in the Walmart parking lot.

Two bystanders outside the store drew their weapons and at least one of them fatally shot the gunman, Wohl told the Olympian.

"He is a hero".

Witness Brian Adams told KING5 TV that "this guy was randomly firing" both inside and outside the store.

Nobody was injured that time but the same suspect then went outside and tried to steal a vehicle, shooting and wounding the man inside. If this customer hadn't done what he did.

Tumwater shooting: Multiple people gunned down at Walmart in Washington state | Daily Star

It is not clear if the shooter ever entered the store, despite customers' reports that he had been, Wohl said. He is now in critical condition, Harborview spokeswoman Susan Gregg said.

She said she heard more pops from outside. "About 15 to 20 seconds maybe even later, another sound exactly the same", said witness John Gerasimczyk.

"I looked over and saw hundreds of people running out. Some people were moving more slowly, they were still kinda confused what was going on, so I just started shouting, go, go, go!"

Investigators say the vehicle stolen during the earlier carjacking near the Toyota dealership was recovered in the Walmart parking lot.

Police are investigating four scenes connected with the shooting. All scenes are believed to be related to the incident.

Police said the incident began when officers responded to a report of an erractic driver in Tumwater, about 30 miles southwest of Tacoma, the Times reported.

Police hope to have another update Monday morning.

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