NY Governor asks for federal investigation into ICE conduct

NY Governor asks for federal investigation into ICE conduct

NY Governor asks for federal investigation into ICE conduct

Pablo Villavicencio and his two daughters.

An undocumented father of two who was arrested while delivering pizza to a New York City Army base has been granted an emergency stay of deportation.

The stay is in effect until July 20, when Nathan will hear arguments on the case, the Legal Aid Society, which represents Villavicencio, said in a statement.

The Ecuador native was delivering pizza June 1 to the Fort Hamilton Army base, as he had many times before, when military police at the base asked for identification.

A judge on Saturday granted a temporary emergency stay for Pablo Villavicencio after the Legal Aid Society filed a petition on his behalf. He's trying to stay here in the legal way.

The Legal Aid Society filed another lawsuit claiming Villavicencio was the victim of racial profiling and the detention violated his civil rights.

The ruling is "a reminder that the judiciary can still serve as a powerful check when other branches of government make hasty, cruel and reckless decisions", Legal Aid's supervising immigration attorney told the Associated Press.

His wife, Sandra Chica, told NBC New York on Saturday that she was told Villavicencio could have been deported as quickly as Monday. "Please don't stop him, don't take him away from us", said Chica.

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When he showed guards at Fort Hamilton his IDNYC card last week, they refused to accept it and summoned immigration agents, who detained him and locked him up in New Jersey.

Justin Brannan, a member of the New York City Council whose district includes the Army base, said on Wednesday that Villavicencio had delivered to the base several times before without any issues.

A representative at the base told HuffPost that a routine background check was performed on him, which Villavicencio consented to.

When he failed to produce the required documents, the soldier detained him and called Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which established that the father of two girls, aged two and three, had been living illegally in the country since 2010.

There were also "conflicting reports", Copeland said, about whether Villavicencio had actually formally consented to a background check. The governor declared his "deep frustration with the federal government's assault on New York's immigrant families" and called Villavicencio's arrest "an outrageous affront to our NY values".

"There is absolutely no legitimate reason to proceed with an expedited removal and to do so would be inhumane", Cuomo said in a letter addressed to Thomas Decker, field office director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Customs Enforcement.

"New York will not sit on the sidelines as our immigrant communities are threatened", Cuomo wrote.

Immigrant advocate groups launched a public-relations campaign to urge release of the deliveryman within days of his arrest.

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