Video shows cop punching woman on New Jersey beach, mayor reacts

Video shows cop punching woman on New Jersey beach, mayor reacts

Video shows cop punching woman on New Jersey beach, mayor reacts

New Jersey police released bodycam video Wednesday that shows an officer pinning a beachgoer to the ground and punching her in the head, days after cellphone footage of her arrest went viral over the weekend.

The incident happened on a beach near East Schellinger Avenue on May 26 when police say Emily Weinman, 20, of Philadelphia, was drunk on the beach and refused to provide police with her ID.

A series of three videos depicts the arrest of 20-year-old Emily Weinman from the lead officer's POV. When Weinman refuses to give her name, the officer threatens to "lock her up".

Weinman was arrested on Saturday and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, aggravated assault by spitting bodily fluids at/on a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction and minor in possession of alcohol.

The Class II officers who were hired for the summer season were reassigned to desk duty pending an internal investigation, according to

Weinman's attorney claimed in a statement that the videos show the officers "overreact [ing] to a situation which had no elements of violence or the need for anyone to be taken into custody".

"Get off of me, don't pull my hair, what are you doing?"

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Police say Weinman forcibly struck the officer in the torso where the body camera was mounted and caused the camera to turn off.

See the bystander's video here, and watch the body camera footage below. She insults the officers and tells them they're wasting their time. The two wrestle on the ground, as she repeatedly shouts "get the fuck off me" and "I didn't do anything".

She is seen walking away from the officer when he asked for her last name. And now we have video from the point of view of the police.

"She wouldn't give me her last name", the officer said.

He also expressed frustration at the amount of underage drinking, saying no one is allowed to drink in public or on the beach in Wildwood unless they are attending an event that has received a permit to allow drinking. As the video continues, Weinman says, "I didn't do anything to disrespect you". After the test, Weinman walks away on the phone, and the officer says, "Go grab her real quick, and we're gonna have them pour that all out". "I didn't do anything wrong". "They didn't find that she had done anything wrong", Dicht said.

One officer is then heard telling her: "You're about to get dropped" moments before the physical altercation.

"This young lady attacked our officer", Troiano said.

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