Tommy Robinson: English Defence League founder jailed

Tommy Robinson: English Defence League founder jailed

Tommy Robinson: English Defence League founder jailed

But that was lifted by a judge on Tuesday after it was challenged by media outlets.

Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was already under a suspended sentence over a contempt of court during a gang rape trial in Canterbury a year ago.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC sentenced the right-wing activist to 13 months for contempt of court, telling him his actions may cause a long-running trial to be re-run at the cost "hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds" to the taxpayer.

The 35-year-old appeared in court under his real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

Robinson founded the far-right EDL in 2009.

Robinson was arrested at Leeds Crown Court in northern England, where he was broadcasting details of an ongoing trial on Facebook. Less than an hour after his arrest, he was sentenced to thirteen months in jail. The order bans reporters from reporting on a case if there is reason to believe the reporting could prejudice a trial. The responsibility to exercise that freedom of speech within the law.

Supporters of Mr. Robinson, however, have argued it is not clear how his actions are different from other journalists, and specifically how they have prejudiced the case.

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Robinson, founder of the English Defence League - which he left in 2013 citing concerns over the "dangers of far-right extremism" - is a self-styled journalist and commentator who issues a steady stream of anti-Muslim statements online.

"I am not sure you appreciate the potential outcome of what you have done".

The judge said: "He referred to the charges that the defendants faced and some charges which are not proceeded against in relation to some defendants". Some of the cases have involved perpetrators from Muslim, South Asian, or Middle Eastern backgrounds, although the 2012 Children's Commissioner report made it clear that abusers came from all ethnicities.

A temporary order had been imposed by the court banning media coverage of Robinson's trial and conviction while the Leeds grooming trial was ongoing over fears it could further publicise Robinson's prejudicial broadcast. Robinson was on a suspended sentence, as he had previously been arrested for contempt of court after filming outside Canterbury Crown Court in May. Published videos show Robinson walking past the accused rapists and goading them. The reporting restriction had prevented the publication of any content to do with Robinson's arrest and subsequent imprisonment.

Why has there been no coverage of Robinson's conviction until now?

Far-right activist Tommy Robinson has been sentenced to 13 months in Hull Prison over two contempt of court offences, in a case which has become a cause celebre for the extreme right in the United Kingdom and beyond.

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