Indian Americans D’Souza, Bharara in Twitter spat

Indian Americans D’Souza, Bharara in Twitter spat

Indian Americans D’Souza, Bharara in Twitter spat

President Donald Trump announced Thursday he will pardon Dinesh D'Souza, the conservative filmmaker who pleaded guilty in 2014 to violating campaign finance law by creating an illegal straw donor scheme to skirt contribution limits.

Trump, as usual, was paltering with the facts when he said Blagojevich was convicted for "being stupid, saying things that every other politician, you know, that many other politicians say".

What do those three people have in common?

Stewart, who hosted a spinoff series of Trump's reality show, called The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, was convicted in 2004 of obstructing justice and lying to the government about why she unloaded stock just before the price plummeted. The case was prosecuted in the Southern District of NY, where the U.S. Attorney at the time was Preet Bharara, who Trump fired soon after becoming president.

Stewart was on probation for two years, including five months of house arrest.

Blagojevich was prosecuted by Pat Fitzgerald, a Comey friend, when he was USA attorney in Chicago. He is scheduled for release in 2024. Prosecutors say he encouraged people to donate to an opponent of New York Sen. Fitzgerald, in yet another twist, was appointed as special prosecutor by none other than James Comey. Trump also floated the possibility of issuing a pardon to Martha Stewart, in addition to Rod Blagojevich.

Trump has granted five pardons since taking office including one to Joe Arpaio, a Trump supporter who was convicted of contempt of court for racially profiling Hispanics while serving as a sheriff in Arizona.

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- Tim Murphy Premium for subscribers only (@timothypmurphy) May 31, 2018Trump pardons Dinesh D'Souza, another abhorrent, xenophobic racist.

"President Trump's latest pardon makes crystal clear his willingness to use his pardon power to thwart the cause of justice, rather than advance it", Underwood wrote.

Trump didn't elaborate on how the government had wronged D'Souza, who admitted that he had close associates contribute $10,000 to New York Republican Wendy Long's campaign for the Senate.

D'Souza also often posted racist comments about former President Barack Obama, and as a student at Dartmouth University, he published an article titled "Dis Sho' Ain't No Jive, Bro" which was written in ebonics.

President Donald Trump is lining up another controversial presidential pardon.

D'Souza came in for criticism recently for a tweet mocking student survivors of the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida. In the tweet, D'Souza said that it was the "worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs".

His tweets about the Parkland students have been sharply criticized by some Florida Republicans, including Gov. Rick Scott. Scott, who is running for U.S. Senate, has not yet said if he will attend.

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