Trump Still Open to Possibility of Summit with N. Korea

Trump Still Open to Possibility of Summit with N. Korea

Trump Still Open to Possibility of Summit with N. Korea

But North Korea responded Friday by saying it was willing to talk to the United States "at any time" - a reaction Trump welcomed as "warm and productive". They met in the "truce village" of Panmunjom.

Pictures released by the Blue House showed Moon also shaking hands with Kim's sister Kim Yo Jong, who has played a major public role in recent talks with the South, including leading a delegation across the border during February's Winter Olympics.

A number of Twitter users have printed out the White House letter and taken it upon themselves to grade it - covering the one-page text with red pen.

It follows a whirlwind 24 hours which saw Mr Trump cancel his highly anticipated meeting with the North Korean leader, which was due to take place on 12 June. He did not confirm how the secret meeting was arranged or which side asked for it.

Kim Kye Gwan said North Korea appreciated Trump for having made the bold decision to work toward a summit.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was also coy and hinted that summit planning may be back on track.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters Trump did not want a meeting that was "just a political stunt". The statement said North Korea is "open-minded in giving time and opportunity to the U.S". They announced they would be holding a candlelit vigil Friday evening in response to Trump canceling the summit.

"Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have the long-planned meeting", Mr Trump said in a letter to Mr Kim.

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"We find it fortunate that the embers of the North Korea-US talks are reignited".

America's north Asian military allies, Japan and South Korea, plus China, all living next to North Korea's nuclear arsenal, would probably prefer not to.

On Friday, a visibly shocked Moon had said he regretted the summit's cancellation and urged direct talks between the U.S. and North Korean leaders, instead of relying on current communication channels which he said were ineffective in dealing with the sensitive issues that needed to be overcome.

Trump's back-and-forth over his summit plans with Kim has exposed the fragility of Seoul as an intermediary.

But the North's Vice-Foreign Minister, Kim Kye-gwan, then struck a more conciliatory tone, calling Mr Trump's decision "unexpected" and "extremely regrettable".

"Hundreds of magnificent people from South Korea and others including unsuccessful orders from North Korea who wanted to order this commemorative have shared with us in phone calls and in writing their steadfast hopes for peace and denuclearization", Giannini wrote.

"Kim has created sort of a cushion for failure that if the USA backs away, the Chinese and Russians will be behind him", Wit said. A scrapping of diplomacy could see a return to the torrent of weapons tests - and the fears of war they created - that North Korea unleashed previous year as it sought to put the finishing touches on a nuclear-armed missile program meant to target the entire U.S. mainland.

In his letter, Trump warned Kim of the United States' greater nuclear might, reminiscent of the president's tweet a year ago asserting that he had a "much bigger" nuclear button than Kim.

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