North Korea details plans to dismantle nuclear bomb test site

North Korea details plans to dismantle nuclear bomb test site

North Korea details plans to dismantle nuclear bomb test site

Experts remain skeptical whether North Korea is serious about giving up its nuclear weapons, noting that Kim announced on January 1 that the country has completed its nuclear force, calling it a "powerful deterrence" against threats from the United States.

Earlier on May 12, 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Korea announced in a public ceremony about the of closing the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site.

The respected 38 North website said Tuesday that satellite images dated May 7 showed "the first definitive evidence that dismantlement of the test site was already well under way".

But one step that was discussed, the closure and demolition of North Korea's nuclear testing site at Punggye-ri appears to be fully under way, according to satellite photographs. Researchers also note that none of entrances to tunnels yet operational have been permanently closed, something that could be left by end of month. "We hope that the sound of dynamite blowing up the Punggye-ri tunnels will be a gun salute in a journey toward a Korean Peninsula free of nuclear weapons", Seoul's presidential spokesperson said.

The U.S. government's denuclearization roadmap regarding North Korea is taking concrete shape at a rapid pace.

According to Chinese academic reports, North Korea's most recent nuclear test in September of what Pyongyang said was a hydrogen bomb, was so large it triggered a collapse inside the mountain, rendering the entire site unusable for future tests. After decades of hostility and threats of nuclear attacks, these new developments between US, North Korea and South Korea are groundbreaking, and hint at finally achieving some hope of reconciliation in the Korean peninsula, after almost seventy years of enmity.

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But both countries have been on charm offensives ahead of the summit June 12 in Singapore between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, the first ever between a sitting United States president and a North Korean leader. Dismantling test field may show a desire not to continue trials, but it does not imply that country is willing to deliver its nuclear arsenal.

The South Korean reporters will be allowed in to North Korea on a flight from Beijing, with other foreign media covering the event, on May 22.

Trump welcomed the North Korean announcement.

North Korea, which is believed to manage a vast subterranean network in part to frustrate US and South Korean spies and military planners, probably has other locations that could house tests.

At that meeting, along with establishing a sustainable peace regime and reuniting families, the leaders of the two Koreas said they would foster economic cooperation.

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