Be ready for alert test tomorrow

Be ready for alert test tomorrow

Be ready for alert test tomorrow

These are indeed tests, so it's a good thing we're trying to figure things out here, before the need to use them in a real emergency.

"These tests are conducted to ensure that the alerting system is functional".

Alert tests are planned in B.C. and the rest of the country Wednesday, except for Nunavut.

On Monday tests were scheduled for Quebec and Ontario, however the Quebec test failed due to a coding error.

However, the wireless alert for mobile phones will only go out once per year during Emergency Preparedness Week in the first week of May.

"Imagine sitting down at the table (Wednesday) night, if the test goes well, and saying to your high school students in your family or your young university students in your family and say, 'Hey, did your phone fire off?"

The alert system is created to notify the public of imminent disaster or emergency such as a tornado warning, a biological threat of some kind, or the spill of hazardous materials.

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"But in Canada everything is in order with the precaution" to prevent the proliferation of false signals to mobile devices, said the press-Secretary of the CRTC Patricia Valladao.

Unlike wireless emergency alerts issued in the United States, Canada's system requires a specific vibration cadence, alert tone and banner to notify users of an emergency.

Since April 6, 2018, all wireless service providers must distribute wireless public emergency alert messages on their LTE networks.

To confirm whether a mobile device is set up to receive Alert Ready messages, mobile subscribers are encouraged to contact their service providers.

Here are the scheduled times for tests scheduled for later this week outside Ontario and Quebec.

If your smartphone sounds like a buzzing siren at 1:55 p.m. tomorrow, May 9, don't be alarmed.

Northwest Territories 1:55 p.m.

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