Voters settle primary races today

Voters settle primary races today

Voters settle primary races today

While Ohio state law does not require a photo ID, all voters must bring some form of acceptable identification to the polls in order to verify their identity. Other primary contests include races for county school boards.

The first big multi-state primary election night of 2018 is here, with major implications for the battle to control the Senate and a key swing-state governorship. The statistic shows Dearborn County - and others in southeastern in - may be resistant to a so-called "Blue Wave" of support for Democratic candidates in the November general election.

West Virginia polls are open from 6:30 7 p.m. today, Tuesday, May 8, for the midterm primary election. You may vote Monday-Friday during regular office hours, 8 a.m. -5 p.m.

You cast a ballot at the designated precinct in your neighborhood or community.

The model presented in his report would use a real-time, electronic provincial list to follow and strike off voters as they cast their ballots, removing the potential for fraud by voters or election officials, while allowing voters to make their choice at any polling place in B.C.

Although there are no statewide primaries, such as president, governor or US senator, on the ballot this year, there are still plenty of races where voters will whittle down the field of candidates before the November general election.

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But if there is a runoff in the Republican primary and you voted in the Democratic primary, you can't vote in the Republican runoff.

Republican Greg Rothman is running unopposed to represent the 87th Legislative District, and Democrat Sean Patrick Quinlan is running unopposed for the seat in the primary. The Democratic ballot has only the candidates to run for governor in the fall - Leticia Sanders and Jared K. Henderson.

If a situation is to occur inside a polling place, voters can notify an election judge. Tuesday is also the deadline to register to vote.

The state arguably has the duty to make sure that every voter is a US citizen and eligible to vote, but this voter ID proposal seems far too broad. More than 1 million vote-by-mail ballots were sent out Monday, according to the county. An additional challenge to attracting voter interest was that the legislature canceled this year's primaries for local trial and state appeals court races.

According to the unofficial count from the Grant County Election Office, almost one thousand more people visited the polls for the 2018 Primary Election.

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