Facebook bans foreign ads in Ireland abortion referendum

Facebook bans foreign ads in Ireland abortion referendum

Facebook bans foreign ads in Ireland abortion referendum

Pro-choice groups say it creates a level playing field, but pro-life groups say it's an attempt to "rig the referendum".

Mr McGuirk said Together for Yes, the umbrella group campaigning for repeal, see Google's decision as a "massive victory".

Campaign Co-Director Ailbhe Smyth, said: "We welcome confirmation today from Google that they are going to stop running political advertisements over the next 24 hours". Online was the only platform available to the No campaign to speak to voters directly.

Both Mr McGuirk and David Quinn of the Iona Institute said they supported Facebook's decision to ban foreign-funded adverts and said Google should follow suit.

Mr McGuirk said that if the proposal to repeal the amendment is defeated, there would be "six months of hysteria" similar to the reaction to Donald Trump's election as U.S. president.

"I think what's happening here is that legitimate campaigners are being told they can't spread their message, and that is wrong".

"What is happening here is not about one side or the other, it's about democracy and transparency", Higgins said.

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He said the campaign had made it clear that Irish politicians now needed to pass legislation to restrict the activities of internet companies' advertising products "in the same way that steps were taken in the past to regulate political advertising on traditional forms of print and broadcast media".

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it was blocking all ads related to the Eighth Amendment referendum that come from advertisers out of Ireland.

The move comes as platforms grow increasingly anxious that ads on their sites could be used to distort the result of the referendum on a repeal of Ireland's abortion ban.

Concerns had been raised about the unregulated nature of online advertising and how people can be targeted in the context of the upcoming vote.

Google says its decision to ban all ads relating to the abortion referendum is part of its global election integrity efforts.

Google's policy change will be effective from May 10 and includes YouTube ads.

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