Gmail's new 'Smart Compose' features writes replies for you

Gmail's new 'Smart Compose' features writes replies for you

Gmail's new 'Smart Compose' features writes replies for you

Gmail is getting a major overhaul, with the email client gaining a suite of new features that promise better security, easier use, and less information overload.

The tool is an extension of Google's existing Smart Replies, which makes three suggestions for users to start their emails. It is a neat feature for those who write a lot of emails every day and can help them to compose emails faster. If you aren't, go to Settings Try the new Gmail. If a suggestion pops up that users like, they just hit the tab button to use it.

The tech giant claims that Smart Compose will cut back on repetitive writing while reducing the chance for spelling and grammar errors. The upcoming Android P update will bring a host of new features and enhancements later this year, and owners of 11 different Android phones can join a public beta now.

Google expects to add these new features to Photos in the next few months.

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Google says that, you can send upto $9,999 with one single transaction or upto $10,000 in seven days.

Numerous users have reported that their inboxes were flooded with spam emails titled things like "growth supplements".

One of the biggest cheers during the Photos demo occurred when Pichai showed how the AI in Photos could recognize a document you've photographed and automatically convert it into a PDF that you can then fill in. If you want to request for money, you just need to select Request Money option from the same menu by selecting the Attach option.

But you'll have to give it some guidance. Lastly, the remarkable update is that Google Photos can use AI to separate subject in photos and make the colors pop out.

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